Message boards

This site is designed to inform Burleson Heights residents about neighborhood news. You can follow up and find out what your neighbors are thinking by joining a private neighborhood message board. Google groups make communication easy, especially if you have a free Gmail e-mail account.

Burleson Heights
Burleson Heights has a private Google group that allows residents to share information about security, construction projects, parks and other neighborhood issues. Prospective members must verify that they live in neighborhood to join. Find out more here or use the contact form on this blog.

The 41 Watch
Burleson-Parker, the neighborhood next to Burleson Heights (both in the 78741 ZIP code), has a very active Neighborhood Watch program. Many Burleson Heights residents are members of its private Google group. Prospective users must verify that they are residents when they request membership here.

Burleson-Parker Neighborhood Association
Burleson-Parker is organizing a neighborhood association, and has created a Google group to discuss neighborhood issues that aren’t related to crime or its Neighborhood Watch program. Only members can post to the group and view content on the site, but membership is fairly open. Request membership here.


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  1. DSS says:

    I also heard from a local tree expert, that for watering trees, the best sprinkler he suggests is one of the little round metal ones with the one hole in the middle. It puts out larger drops of water which are less likely to evaporate so quickly–more gets to the ground. We need all the helpful information we can get. We must save our trees and greenery!!!

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