Changes to the Carlson Drive case before Planning Commission

The Planning Commission hearing of Edgewick condominiums’ request to block public access to Carlson Drive is likely to be postponed for a third time.

The hearing had been scheduled for 6 p.m. Tuesday, April 10, at the City Council chambers in City Hall, 301 W. Second St.  City staff have requested that it be postponed until May 8.

The Carlson request also has a new city case manager, Wendy Rhoades. You can reach her at or 974-7719.

Citizens can sign up to speak at the Planning Commission hearing, or can e-mail a statement to Rhoades indicating support or opposition to Edgewick’s request. If you submit a statement, include your name, address and contact information, and refer to case No. C14-04-0181.SH(RCA).

Among the groups that have formally opposed Edgewick’s request are the League of Bicycling Voters and the Neighborhood Connectivity Division of the city’s Public Works Department (which also includes the Child Safety program that designated Carlson a Safe Route to School for Linder Elementary students).

After the Planning Commission hears the request, the case will go to City Council. Citizens will again have the opportunity to speak or submit a statement regarding the case.

Background information

Shire’s Court, which owns Edgewick condominiums, has asked the city for permission to gate both ends of Carlson Drive to prevent the public from using it. The company claims that it wants to prevent crime and mischief in the development, which already is fenced and gated from Carlson Drive.

Carlson is one of only three east-west neighborhood streets east of Parker Lane, and one of only two that are two-way streets. To learn more, see a Feb. 10 blog post about the request here.

Below is information on the case from the April 10 Planning Commission agenda:

5. Restrictive Covenant Amendment: C14-04-0181.SH(RCA) – Shire’s Court
Location: 1910 ½ Wickshire Lane, Country Club East Watershed, East Riverside/Oltorf Combined NPA
Owner/Applicant: Shire’s Court G.P., Inc. (David Mahn)
Agent: Myra Goepp
Request: To amend the Restrictive Covenant and make Carlson Drive a private access roadway.
Staff Rec.: Recommendation Pending; Postponement request by Staff to May 8, 2012.
Staff: Wendy Rhoades, 974-7719,
Planning and Development Review Department


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