Hearing on Carlson Drive faces another postponement

The Planning Commission hearing on Edgewick condominiums’ request to gate Carlson Drive might be delayed again. Wendy Rhoades, case manager, says city staff have requested a postponement from May 8 to May 22.

Rhoades says that the city is interested in converting Carlson from a private road with public access granted into a public street with a permanent right of way. In order to do that, the street needs to be constructed in a way that could support higher traffic, including heavy vehicles such as trucks and buses. The city has asked Shire’s Court, which owns Edgewick condominiums and Carlson, to perform a pavement study.

You can read past blogs on this subject and visit the Planning Commission website for meeting agendas and other information.

You can reach Rhoades at 974-7719 or wendy.rhoades@austintexas.gov.


About burlyheights

C. Forrest is a longtime resident of Burleson Heights.
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