Neighborhood calendar for July

So far July is shaping up as a quiet month with a few important events. Coming up are the monthly Police Commander’s Forum, the Independence Day fireworks display on Auditorium Shores, a possible Planning Commission hearing on the Carlson Drive issue, and runoff elections.

Two other issues might inspire neighborhood meetings:

  • Some residents are interested in creating a neighborhood association for Burleson-Parker, possibly one that encompasses a large area and includes representation for smaller, adjacent neighborhoods such as Burleson Heights. Burleson Heights already has a neighborhood association, but a larger group could have a bigger presence in city issues, share resources and minimize duplicated efforts.
  • In May, a group of residents had a followup meeting with representatives from the Austin Parks and Recreation Department (PARD) to talk about the off-leash area (OLA) proposed for Mabel Davis Park. The OLA was approved by the Austin Parks & Recreation Board in February, but in April, City Council overturned the approval and voted that changes to the way the park is used require Council approval. PARD is reorganizing its efforts, and is likely to hold a public meeting in August to take up the issue again. Residents in the Mabel Davis Park area are considering a neighborhood meeting to discuss the plans and propose some alternatives for PARD.

If there’s an event you think should be included in the neighborhod calendar, please use the Contact Form to submit your idea.


About burlyheights

C. Forrest is a longtime resident of Burleson Heights.
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