A look back at a year in the Hurly-Burly

The Hurly-Burly just wrapped up its first complete calendar year as a neighborhood resource, attracting 4,600 views!

The five posts that drew the most visits were about a new pocket park on the grounds of a mansion torn down by developers, the possible gating of Carlson Drive, flea control, a burglary caught on video and recurring Time Warner Cable outages.

Sometimes what’s news isn’t something you like to hear. But in 2012, some worrisome news had happy endings for the Burleson Heights and Burleson-Parker neighborhoods:

  • The summer burglary video led to the arrest of a suspect in the fall.
  • Edgewick condominiums’ request to gate Carlson Drive — which would have seriously hindered connectivity in our part of the city — ended in November with a closed case and an open road.

Even people who don’t live in the area dropped by the neighborhood blog after Web searches led them to the Hurly-Burly for information on bastard cabbage, the East Riverside Corrider Master Plan and Mabel Davis Park.

To find out more about the past year in the Hurly-Burly and how people are using it, click here to see an annual report compiled by WordPress.

What do you want to read about in 2013? Post a comment below or use the Contact page to share the neighborhood issues that you want to see covered.


About burlyheights

C. Forrest is a longtime resident of Burleson Heights.
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