Large brush collection starts April 7

The city will collect large brush in our area during the week of April 7. Set brush out by 6:30 a.m. Monday, and observe the following guidelines:

  • Stack unbound brush along the curb in one row no more than 4 feet high or 15 feet long.
  • Place the cut ends toward the curb.
  • If trunks are 3 to 8 inches in diameter, cut to lengths no longer than 6 feet. If trunks are more than 8 inches in diameter, cut to lengths of 3 feet or less.
  • Keep brush at least 5 feet away from your garbage cart or other obstacles, and do not place under low-hanging branches or wires.
  • Do not let brush extend into the street, block your mailbox or water meter, or lean against a fence or telephone connection box.
  • Crews will not pick up loose bamboo, vines or thorny brush. Cut into small pieces and set out in a plastic bin or Kraft-paper yard waste bag on your regular trash collection day.

While this might seem like a convenient time to prune, hold off on trimming any oak trees in the spring, when they are most susceptible to oak wilt. Austin has lost more than 10,000 oaks to the devastating disease, which is spread by beetles and has infected trees not far from our neighborhood. The safest times to prune oaks are the coldest or hottest times of the year.

For best results, avoid pruning oaks between Feb. 1 and June 30, paint fresh cuts to seal the wounds, and sterilize your tools after pruning each tree. Learn more about oak wilt prevention from the City of Austin or

See more brush collection guidelines from the Austin Resource Recovery Department (formerly Solid Waste Services).


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C. Forrest is a longtime resident of Burleson Heights.
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