Striped bike lanes will be added to more of Parker Lane

The City of Austin plans to add striped bike lanes to a 0.6-mile stretch at the southern end of Parker Lane.

Already part of Bike Route 59 in Austin, Parker Lane only has clearly striped bike lanes north of Oltorf Street and in a one-block section south of Oltorf, between Rockbridge Terrace and Glen Springs Way. Under the city’s plan, the new bike lane markings will start at Woodward Street on the south end and and will extend north to Royal Hill Drive.

Parker is wide enough to accommodate two lanes of traffic, two bike lanes and one lane of parallel-parking, so the new markings will include one parking lane on the west side of Parker. Parallel parking will no longer be allowed on the east side of Parker between Woodward and Royal Hill.

The city’s Public Works and Transportation departments will hold an open house to discuss the plan and get community feedback from 6-7 p.m. Jan. 24 in the eighth-floor conference room at One Texas Center, 505 Barton Springs Road.

Read more about the project in an announcement here. See a PDF of the city’s designated bicycle routes (a very large file), and keep up with bicycle-related projects at the city’s website. If you aren’t able to attend the meeting but want to provide feedback, contact city liaison Neil Kopper at 974-7166 or

Parker Lane is part of Bike Route 59 in Austin. The new bike lanes and parking changes will be at the south end of Parker. Areas highlighted in red show where parallel parking will no longer be permitted; click image to enlarge. (Detail from the City of Austin bicycle map.)


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