Branding boosts neighborhood’s trendiness

Betcha didn’t know that the neighborhood immediately north of us has a trendy name: South Shore.

Bounded by I-35, Lady Bird Lake, Pleasant Valley Road and Oltorf Street, the area gets a profile in the Hidden Neighborhoods series in the Statesman Homes section.

Those of us who live here have always known about the area’s assets: We have bungalows and ranches, big yards, big trees and a short commute to downtown, the city’s universities and the airport — and all for just a third to half of the price for the same kinds of homes west of the interstate in Travis Heights and St. Edwards’ neighborhoods.

The Statesman article refers to redevelopment of the Riverside/Lakeshore area as bringing new restaurants, new residents and new activities to the area. Businesses in some new mixed-use developments (apartments and condos with ground-floor retail spaces) are starting to cater to young, active residents drawn to parkland along the river.

Real estate broker Ford Shanley is quoted as saying that the neighborhood offers value for renters and buyers who want to live there or invest there before prices rise, an anticipated effect of the redevelopment.

Who knows how far south that lift in prices (and, most likely, property taxes) will go. But I’m glad to see our area get attention in the news for its positives. And after many SE Austin residents have been crying for renewal and city services for so long, it’s nice to see some bike lanes, sidewalks and parkland starting to enhance what has been a desirable but overlooked inner-city neighborhood.

It was only a matter of time before this “hidden neighborhood” was discovered. A higher profile could help us when we ask for the things we still need.


About burlyheights

C. Forrest is a longtime resident of Burleson Heights.
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