Neighborhood meeting Wednesday: Todd Lane update

Burleson Heights residents will meet with city representatives on Wednesday to talk about a project that will widen Todd Lane and add bike lanes, sidewalks and a roundabout at the new intersection of Todd, East St. Elmo Road and South Pleasant Valley Road.

The project manager and a representative of the City of Austin Bicycle Program will attend the meeting, which is open to residents in the Burleson Road and Todd Lane areas, cycling and hiking trail organizations and other interested groups.

The City of Austin is widening Todd Lane and adding bike lanes, sidewalks and a roundabout.

The City of Austin is widening Todd Lane and adding bike lanes, sidewalks and a roundabout. Click to enlarge. (Google maps)

The city has budgeted $9.6 million for the Todd Lane project, which will widen the 0.6-mile road from two lanes to three, and will add 10-foot-wide sidewalks and 8-foot-wide bike lanes, according to a June 26 Austin American-Statesman article. The city also will add storm drains, rain gardens and sedimentation ponds for runoff.

At its south end, Todd Lane now connects with South Pleasant Valley Road, which is 1/4 mile longer thanks to a $5.3 million project to create a continuous north-south thoroughfare in Southeast Austin. The intersection will have a new roundabout that will be able to move twice as many cars and bicycles as a traffic signal, while requiring fewer lanes. Learn more about the roundabout from the city’s Austin Mobility.

Todd Lane project update

When: 6:30 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 14
Where: Ruiz Library, 1600 Grove Blvd.
More information: Project manager Clay Harris, or (512) 974-7895

Previously, residents met with Kevin Sweat of the Public Works Department, who reported in 2008 that the city was acquiring necessary land in the area, revising rights-of-way and easements, and submitting the project for permitting with the hope that construction would begin in 2009. However, the project was put on hold and redesigned to be three lanes instead of four, among other changes.


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C. Forrest is a longtime resident of Burleson Heights.
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