Google Fiber permits hint at first “fiberhoods”

It’s been more than a year since Google Inc. announced plans to bring Google Fiber to Austin, leading neighborhoods to wonder which would be the first to get the ultra-fast broadband service.

City-issued permits offer clues about where the neighborhoods that might get Google Fiber when the service is available late this year.

City-issued permits offer clues about which neighborhoods  might get Google Fiber first.

But ever since the company allowed potential customers to request service in their ZIP codes, it’s been silent on which areas have had enough demand to make the cut as the first “fiberhoods.”

Now a review of city permits offers some clues to who might be first to get the 1-gigabit Internet service. Read the Austin American-Statesman’s report about how parts of South and Southeast Austin have the most permits to install fiber-optic cable, and see an interactive map showing which streets have permits.

The Austin American-Statesman compiled a map showing the concentration of permits to install fiber-optic cable in South and Southeast Austin.

The Austin American-Statesman’s map shows the concentration of permits in South and Southeast Austin.

The permits could come as good news for residents along several Burleson Heights-area streets — including Burleson Road, Oltorf Street, Santa Monica Drive and Pleasant Valley Road — but they don’t come as a complete surprise.

For about six months, residents who have talked with fiber installers taking measurements along utility poles have been told that this area is likely to be among the first or second in town to get Google Fiber. The service will probably be available in the first fiberhoods by late this year, according to the Statesman story.

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